Do you have savings you want to use to invest in a business? Have you been thinking about beauty franchises but still unsure? Throughout this article we will explain why it is a profitable business, the investment advantages and what you need to keep in mind to set up any kind of beauty franchise

Are beauty franchises profitable?

Yes they are, due to more people wanting to look after their physical appearance. This sector has increased their billing by over 3% in the last few years.

Why has it increased? The main reason is people taking care of their physical appearance and wanting to feel good on both the inside and outside. Men have become more concerned about their image, which has increased the number of potential customers considerably. 

Investment advantages 

We will discuss the main advantages below:

It’s not a one-off business

What we mean here is that beauty salons are not businesses which follow the trends. These kinds of businesses are necessary as everyone needs a good haircut from time to time. However, it’s necessary to advance and adapt to the times, so that the crisis and competition cause as little harm to the business as possible.

Higher demand

Demand is quite high as beauty and hairdressing services are demanded by men and women of all ages, so the market is huge.

Non-expensive investment

Generally, the investment required to set up a hairdressing or beauty salon is not very high. Normally you need to adapt a premises and supply it with products in order to offer the typical services, which doesn’t require a large amount of money. 

High profitability

These franchises offer great profits. In most cases, you can start in small premises to reduce investment and grow gradually. The low cost of setting up such a franchise and the expenses that an entrepreneur faces makes this business highly profitable.

Consolidated brand

The brand is already proven! This is a common advantage for all franchises, not just for hairdressing. With any beauty franchise in Spain, you will have a consolidated brand, which avoids having to start a business from scratch and therefore, avoiding many associated entrepreneurial business risks.

Serves a neglected market

Many beauty centers haven’t evolved and have been left behind. This means that, in one way or another, the market is neglected, as these centers don’t meet the current needs of many customers. 

What must you keep in mind when choosing a beauty franchise?

One of the most important decisions is deciding what you want to do. Once you’ve decided, you’ll need to select a brand that you’re really comfortable with.

We have compiled a list of everything you need to keep in mind when choosing a beauty franchise:

  • The necessary resources: What resources are needed to get that franchise up and running, money, premises, etc.
  • Support received: How is the franchise get involved? Keep in mind the support you’ll receive from headquarters!
  • Competitive products and services: Are the products or services offered with the franchise competitive in the location?
  • Check and validate all the information: Don’t trust all the information you receive a priori. Check it before you get into the franchise.
  • Study the franchise contract well: Carefully study the contract and a lawyer about any questions you make have to avoid surprises in the future.
  • Quality of products, appliances and services: Do the services or products work? Make sure that the services offered by the franchise are good quality and guarantee customers good results.
  • The risks: Make sure you know what the risks are so that you don’t have any surprises such as penalties, etc.

We hope this article has helped you to discover the advantages of setting up a beauty/hairdressing business and, above all, that it has helped you know how to choose a franchise.