Saving is a good habit, but it is difficult to increase your wealth significantly through saving alone. For this reason, many savers look for places to invest their money where they won’t be exposed to high risks. A good option is the fixed-term deposit since it is quick to open, you know how profitable it is beforehand and there are no high risks. 

How does a fixed-term deposit work?

The functioning of a fixed-term deposit is very simple. You lend money to a bank for a certain amount of time and, at the end of that period, the bank returns the borrowed money plus the interest that was agreed upon in the contract.

Why are they called fixed-term deposits? The name fixed term is used because the period during which the entity has that money is fixed and invariable.

Advantages of fixed term deposits 

Next, we’ll look at some of the advantages of depositing money for a fixed term:

Fixed remuneration

As we have mentioned before, these deposits mean you know the fixed-term bank interests that you’ll obtain when the contract ends in advance. This does not happen with variable rate investments, where profitability depends on more variables.

No commission

The absence of any commission is another advantage of these bank deposits. They have no opening, management or maintenance fees …. Your only expense will be your capital, the money you want to invest, since there is no fixed-term deposit fee.

Simple and fast acquisition

Acquiring these deposits is very quick and easy. It can even be done through the online banking of financial institutions, which facilitates the investment process and saves the investor a lot of time.

 Profitability without risk

You will not need to take any risks as the amount you will invest is established beforehand. With the fixed-term interest you won’t get any nasty surprises because everything is agreed with the bank in the contract in advance. 

Flexible expiration date 

As an investor, you will decide how long you want to lend that money to the bank. This is a huge advantage. However, this does require prior planning because the capital you invest in the fixed-term deposit cannot be recovered until the contract expires.

What are the best fixed-term deposits? 

Which bank offers the best fixed-term interest? The best fixed-term deposits, with the best returns, can be found below:

Banca Sistema

Banca Sistema is an Italian banking entity that offers banking products in Spain through an online platform called Raisin. The fixed-term deposit that it offers means that it simply can’t be missed out in our ranking: an interest of 1.65% TIN (1.54% APR). One of the conditions is that the money remains immobilized during the agreed period.

As we’ve already said the risk is low, but it should be noted that Banca Sistema has the backing of the Italian Deposit Guarantee Fund.


The BESV (Banque Espírito Santo et de la Vénétie) is a very famous French bank. One of the greatest advantages of this deposit is that it allows the total cancellation of the investment. In addition, it is not necessary to join said entity to place the capital in its fixed-term deposit. Currently, terms between one year and three years are especially profitable. 

Wi Zink

Wi Zink is a bank present in Spain and Portugal. The bank already has more than 3 million customers and, without a doubt, is a great option for investing your money in a fixed term deposit. Today it is one of the most profitable banks for investors: 0.75% (18 months), 0.90% (25 months) and 1.05% APR for 36 months.

Younited credit

Younited credit is a young French start-up that needs to raise capital to finance loans (their main activity). Therefore, they offer bank deposits. Some of its main advantages are the following: deposits of up to € 100,000 are insured and their 3-year deposits offer one of the best interest rates in the market.


Facto also offers deposits worth talking about. Currently they offer a return of 1.30% APR to all clients who invest an amount of money between 5,000 euros and 3,000,000 euros and open a  Facto account. The entity is of Italian origin so the deposit is covered by the Italian Deposit Guarantee Fund.

Crédit Agricole

Credit Agricole a French bank that, while not enormously popular in Spain, is somewhat of a giant in France. Its current profitability is not very competitive, however it offers many other advantages: it is possible to cancel your investment, therefore the risk that you run is almost nil and, as in many others, it is not necessary to join the entity.


The Bulgarian American Credit Bank (BACB) is one of the pioneers in offering digital services in Bulgaria. Today, it offers a fixed term deposit of 1 and 2 years with an interesting return. However bear in mind they do not have offices in Spain and pay the interest upon expiration of the contract. However, it is an interesting option to have a look at. 


FIMBank is a bank founded in Malta. It has over 400 employees and assets that exceed 1,500 million dollars. One of the main advantages is that you can open a deposit with just 1,000 euros and that the money is insured, as its headquarters is in a European Union member country. Interest rates are particularly interesting for the following periods: 3 months, 6 months and 12 months, with a yield of 0.70% APR, 0.60% APR and 0.46% APR respectively.

J&T Banka

J&T Banka can also be found on Raisin and offer good interest for the following terms: 4, 5 and 6 years. However, it is important to note that the deposit cannot be canceled and that you will not have that money during those periods of time. The investment in J&T Banka is insured and, in addition, it can be renewed once the period of time ends.


Atlántico is a Portuguese bank. Although it has few clients, less than 30,000, they offer great benefits. Periods 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months offer high profitability. It offers a return of 0.10%, 0.50%, 0.70%, 0.89%, 1.08% and 1.27% respectively. In addition, it is also insures and accepts small investments (minimum 2,000 euros).

Keep researching these banks to select the best option to deposit your savings in any of the fixed-term deposits that we’ve shown you.