The matter of investments has changed as a result of the monetary policy initiated by the ECB (European Central Bank). Now, because of this policy, it has become more difficult for investors to obtain returns without taking larger risks.

However, although the path to profitability is more complicated, it is still possible to make money through investments without incurring too high a risk. How? By following a few simple practices, you can become a conservative investor who gets a good return on your long-term savings!

  • What are the best risk-free investments?
  • Where can I better invest my savings?

We’ll answer these questions in this article. We tell you where to invest money without risk as well as the best ways to invest a little money or a lot of money … the choice is yours!

How to invest money safely

There are a large number of non-professional investors who put their savings in financial products hoping that they will bring them a high return, without exposing themselves to great risks. This opportunity is hard to come by, however if you know the best low-risk strategies to invest, you to can be successful.

Next, we explain how to invest money in a low risk way.

Invest periodically

We advise investing money periodically in order to minimize risks. Making a one off investment means you acquire the shares at a single price, which can be very positive if the investment goes well, but unfavorable if it goes wrong. On the contrary, if you make the investment in a staggered manner, on different dates, the units or shares are acquired at an average price, which translates into less risk.

Search for profitability with minimal risk

A good way to come across profitable investments is to look for assets with a return and with low interest rates (equity assets), on a regular basis. For example, an investor seeking returns with minimal risk might have 85% low-risk assets and the remaining 15% equity assets. 85% will bring few benefits but security, while 15% will focus on achieving a higher return but with a greater risk, without damaging the overall performance of your portfolio.


Just as it is advisable to make investments periodically rather than one off ones, it is also advisable to distribute the money in different investments, not in a single investment.

If you bet everything on a single “play,” you run the risk of having a negative result, losing a large part of your capital. On the contrary, if you invest your capital in various assets, all of them would have to go wrong for you to loose a large part of your capital, which is highly unlikely. 

When looking into diversifying your investments, you must also take into account the geographical area, as well as the currency as it will reduce the risk of your investments even further. 

If you follow these tips you can start investing your savings wisely!

7 risk-free investment options

Wondering what to invest your money in without exposing yourself to high risks? If you have come this far, it’s surely because you’re ready to take the first steps as an investor.

We recommended carrying out our first steps as an investor without assuming many risks and, as we have mentioned before, following a conservative profile. Discover some of the money-making methods which don’t expose you to great losses


  • Bank deposits


Bank deposits are a good alternative if you don’t mind losing purchasing power in terms of inflation. Although this option is not very profitable, you are clear on what you are investing in beforehand before making any decision. In addition, another advantage of bank deposits is the capital. As long as capital does not exceed 100,000 euros, it is insured. Sounds good, right?


  • Invest in gold


When the market is volatile, gold is a safe haven investment for more conservative investors. In 2019, the price of gold was at around 4% of the total financial stock market, much higher than other financial products from fixed and variable income markets. Currently gold is one of the least risky investments and high growth is still expected.


  • Investment funds


At present it is difficult to find bank deposits that offer their clients products with good returns.  Investment funds have been able to take advantage and now offer financial products with interesting returns for the investor without having to take large risks. However, these risks depend on some variables, such as: diversification and periodicity in investments.


  • Fintech banks


Fintech banks have revolutionized the traditional banking system. These entities offer products that are very similar to the products offered by banks, although their operation is purely digital, with questions being answered through chats and other online channels. In most cases,  operations carried out with these entities are exempt from commissions and other management expenses, which translates into greater savings.


  • Debt reunification


The reunification of debts is not an investment element as like the previous ones that we have mentioned. However, this alternative can help you contain expenses. It consists, as its name suggests, in reunifying debts to reduce the cost of monthly payments derived from different banking products, such as: lines of credit, mortgages, etc. The objective: to have more liquidity.


  • Index funds


Index funds, are passively managed collective investment funds that mimic the behavior of a market, for example: the IBEX 35 market, among others. The indices of that market are the ones that will determine the rises or falls of the index fund.


  • Individualized savings plan


Individualized savings plans are the ideal product when it comes to low risk investments. As long as you decide the amount of money you want to contribute to the plan. You must take your current situation and future economic situation into account to ensure, above all, that the security and stability of your money prevail.

If you are looking for higher returns, you will have to resort to some slightly more innovative alternatives. The products we have talked about are some of the best investments you can make, in terms of the risk factor, rather than the return. In some cases, profitability may be very low but, equally, very secure. In some cases, profitability is independent of what happens in the financial markets. However, if you want to ensure a good investment, it is best to put yourself in the hands of professionals so that they can advise you where to invest money without risk.