Are you thinking of investing in a self-service laundry? This business idea is very fashionable because there are more and more people who use this service and it is also easy to manage since it does not need personnel, just a person who opens and closes the premises.

To the question of whether the self-service laundries are profitable, the answer is yes, although, like any business, it will depend on the management made by the owner and a market study and business model that demonstrates its viability. As we have said, the ease of management is the great advantage offered by this type of business, in addition to the possibility of having it open every day of the year from morning to night. Some brands indicate that to manage them, only 7 hours a week is enough, and you can get a profit of 35,000 euros in the first year.

While it is true that in Spain there is no culture rooted towards the use of this type of business (as in the United States and Latin American countries that there is tradition), more and more people are using automatic laundry. University students, workers, retirees … are the most common users, especially in large cities. In Italy, a country that is culturally similar to ours, this service is being extended exponentially.

The safest way to set up a self-service laundry is to do it through a franchise since we save on costs and do not need as much knowledge about industrial washing machines.

7 Tips to invest in a self-service laundry franchise

What do I need to set up a self-service laundry? If you have finally decided to set up a laundry, you should follow a series of tips before starting:

Prior advice

As in any business (also in franchises), before starting you need information about everything that involves opening it: what initial investment will I need, who will be my clients, what will be the location of my store and what will be the rental price, what legal requirements I need to set up a self-service laundry, what current expenses the business will have (electricity, water, machinery insurance, etc.) If you are not an expert in the field, you should have a manager who will help with these issues.

Training and preparation

Preparation is essential for any business, so do not hesitate to invest the necessary resources to train you before you start investing. Franchises have training programs for all those interested in entering this market, especially if you do not have the necessary knowledge regarding the sector.

Location study

Choosing a good location is essential for the profitability of a self-service laundry. For this, we must know who our potential clients are and, most importantly, where they live. A good location can be in large cities, near business areas. Although the city center, shopping centers or coastal areas can also be a good option. It can be thought that in the villages this type of business may not work, although they also have several advantages, such as low competition, the low rental cost of premises and the trust established with customers.

Offers complimentary services

Many self-service laundry franchises offer other complementary services such as dry cleaning, ironing, sewing, treatment of delicate garments … This will add value to your business and differentiate you from the competition.

Identify your customers

You should know very well the potential clients that live in your area. The offers, the price, and the service will not be the same in a student zone (the price must be lower), in an area where most of the workers are young or in an area where the average age is higher.

Be patient and thoughtful

You have to keep in mind that an automatic laundry is a space that is associated with cleanliness and cleanliness, so you should take care of the image of your premises at all times and you should always keep it clean. Also, the waiting area for customers must be comfortable and inviting, so offer them comfortable seats and a cozy place.

Capture in the shops in the area

Shops in the area such as bars or restaurants can become loyal customers to your business since they will always need to have clean tablecloths and clothing. To do this you must carry out commercial work in your area.

Also, you must adapt to the schedules of the shops that you have around you. For example, if you have a school nearby, your store must open before school does, to give parents time to get close to wearing their clothes.

How much can it cost to set up a self-service laundry franchise?

After having clear this series of tips, you are sure to ask yourself how much it costs to set up a laundry. It is estimated that an initial investment of about 40,000 euros is needed to set up a laundry. This investment includes:

  • Activity, construction, and electrical project
  • Municipal Work License to set up a laundry
  • Reform and adaptation of the premises
  • Installations (electrical, plumbing, gas, steam extraction, ventilation, air conditioning, fire protection, etc.)
  • Machinery (washing machines, dryers, currency exchange machines, etc.)
  • Decoration of the premises (rest of the furniture, signage, painting, etc.)

This would be the initial investment, to which the annual current expenses such as supplies, rent, detergents, maintenance, etc. should be added.

Laundry is a source of passive income since the client is managed alone: ​​enters, washes, pays and leaves. It will only be necessary to legally manage the business, make cash, open and close the premises, in addition to solving any breakdown or inconvenience that may arise.