We will not discover anything new if we tell you that money is practically fundamental to everything. In the business world, it is the maximum objective to obtain and reduce in terms of costs. But don’t come down, we are also here to tell you that you don’t always need a lot of capital to start a business. Sometimes you can start with little or no financing. It is true! Starting a business without money may seem like a crazy idea, but it is not impossible. Keep reading to know more!

Lack of capital is usually a common excuse for not starting a business. If you have the entrepreneurial bug, along with a great idea and the conviction to succeed, you can start a business without money. You do not need a miracle, but you must follow certain steps to successfully start a business without initial capital. You are not the first who wants to start a business without the necessary capital: Apple, Disney, Google, Harley Davidson, Hewlett-Packard, Lotus Cars, Mattel or Nike Do they ring a bell? They are big international trademarks that started from scratch, with hardly any investment or resources. Are you more encouraged? Well, let’s continue! One of the first issues to keep in mind when starting a business with limited capital is the need to develop a change of mentality.

It is practically starting from scratch and it must be detailed and make clear that resources are going to be part of the basic approach of the business idea. Every business startup requires an accurate and realistic analysis of the qualities, both personal and future business. In the case of a business without financing, this study must be much more elaborated taking into account the following issues:

  • Skills. What do you know how to do? Creating a business based on your skills will give you a greater competitive advantage than thinking about a business in which you don’t have some skill.
  • Experience.  As the saying goes, “experience counts”. Look back and list all past experiences and look for tangible and real qualities that can be an important asset for your new business.
  • Knowledge. As the previous points, knowledge must be a key factor in the final business idea. Do you know about technology? You already have a very interesting starting point for your business.
  • Resources. Since there is no other option for a business without capital, resources or, rather, the identification of resources and the search for them is a more-than-understandable priority.

Offering real and feasible answers to these questions will give you the possibility of having the first approach to your business idea.

Key ideas

Well, according to what has been said before, it can be said that the first key is to know what you have and what you can give. From this important basis, you can find inspiration in the following considerations:

Creative financing

When talking about business startups without money or capital, we begin with the financing issue. In desperate times desperate measures are required. The search for financing must be developed under a methodology and creative mentality. Where can you get the money for your business? Check out these options:

  • Business incubator. In other articles, we have talked about this concept. If you have a solid idea and a viable business plan, you can consider a business incubator. Once accepted within one of them, it will provide funds specifically designed to financially help the new company.
  • Investment accelerator. A financing figure that can respond to your demands. They are very similar to incubators since they are designed to provide financing, however, an accelerator expects a quick response to your investment.
  • Crowdfunding. Crowdfunding platforms are changing the way of understanding the financing of projects or business ideas. Crowdfunding allows the public to invest a small percentage of money in exchange for a future benefit.

Service-Oriented Business

Many entrepreneurs without capital offer a business of certain services. First, provide services and then raise funds. In this way, it begins to obtain a small capital that can be increased and invested in different opportunities for the business. 

Work hard

An own business requires getting down to work and not fainting in any of the tasks to be developed. Hard and complex work will make your business idea mature and take shape, boosting the possibilities of functioning and growing over time.

Key ideas that don’t need money

At this point, you already have an idea of ​​how to start a business without money or financing. It is time to work, be creative and not to decay, but what about the business idea? For sure an online business can be a good starting point. If you are not very clear, we are going to offer you a series of totally feasible business ideas in case financing is a problem.

Purchase and sale of used clothing

The sale of used clothing is one of the easiest lucrative businesses to start, especially for people who want to get extra money without a large initial investment. The person who is dedicated to this line of business buys used clothes, but well preserved and of good quality, to sell it to other people for a higher price than the one he has paid, but at the same time affordable.

Pet care

Pet sitters have become increasingly popular, as today’s society spends a lot of time working and, in general, no time to do many things. Therefore, there is a great demand for trained professionals capable of taking care of pets while their owners are not at home.


For years, many people have made a living writing blog, mainly by offering free, entertaining, informative and educational content on a variety of topics to their audience: food, travel, technology. Blogs can be monetized through different strategies and offer an interesting passive income.


Another of the online business modalities that are being widely used is the so-called Dropshipping. Dropshipping is a good way to start your own business on a low budget without having a single product. You just need to link products from a supplier and let them take care of everything else, including storage, packaging, and shipping, just sell! 

Product Affiliation

Affiliates are people who promote other people’s products and earn commissions every time someone makes a purchase thanks to their promotion. Affiliation is one of the most profitable businesses that exist if you want to make sales without having your product.

Sale of digital products

Creating and selling digital products is an excellent way to generate passive income. Online courses or ebooks are products that once created can be sold to a large audience. They must be well-worked products that offer differential value to users.  These are some good examples of businesses that do not need a large initial investment and that can offer you your first benefits. Finally, just advise you to make sure you choose something that you are passionate about because it is the best way to ensure that you succeed.