Where to invest my money? If you have savings and constantly wonder what are the best 2020 investments to get a good return you have reached the right place. Investments are essential in personal finance to make the most of savings. We know that savings are a great effort for most people and therefore knowing how to invest and where to invest in 2020 is essential, with the aim that these people face the lowest possible risks and avoid losing part of the money invested.

Many savers often wonder how to invest and where: in direct or indirect investments It is common to find investors who end up investing in bonds, stocks, etc., recommended by people around them. These types of investments, known as direct investments, involve buying and maintaining individual assets by the investor. Ownership of any direct investment brings responsibilities for acquired assets and requires knowledge.

And what are indirect investments? On the contrary, indirect investments (investments in an investment fund) are managed by experts in the sector. All work, decisions, and efforts are delegated to other people, which does not mean that they do not require a simple follow-up to know if these investments are covering the needs and that, in many cases, these types of investments can be inefficient.

recommendations to invest money intelligently 

Growing money is not as easy as they tell us. Any saver should know where to invest, but also how to do it intelligently. Here are some recommendations for you to make better investments intelligently:

  • Stay informed: it is difficult for an investment to go well if you have not previously informed yourself. Remember not to invest your capital in something you do not understand, even if such investment seems very attractive, with a lack of information and knowledge you can lose your money.
  • Know your risk tolerance: your risk tolerance is the amount of money you can lose and what the consequences are. Ask yourself the following questions: what happens if your investments lose 10%? And if they lose 20%? You should know how you can respond to these situations beforehand to select what to invest money in today.
  • Diversify: diversifying investments is necessary to expose yourself to minor risks. This way, if one investment goes wrong, it can always be recovered with another. If you invest all your savings in a single investment and it doesn’t work out as you would expect, you could lose all your money.
  • Do not rely on historical returns: a saver who invests intelligently must be clear that the past performance of a given investment is not a guarantee of future profitability.

Where to invest in 2020

There are many methods to invest money. Selecting one or the other will depend on your savings, your risk profile as an investor and the term of the investment, among other things. Here are some details:

Stock Exchange

Investing money in a stock market is a good option for 2020. Although this option to invest safe money is good, it requires some knowledge from the saver. Where and how can you invest in the stock market? In the stock market, it is possible to invest in shares of publicly traded companies, raw materials, public bonds, etc. The ways to invest? You can invest in the short term or long term.

Pension plans

Where to invest money without risk? In pension plans! Pension Plans are portfolios formed by investment funds or ETFs. These plans have great advantages in our country, for example, it is one of the ways to pay fewer taxes completely legally, there are pension plans for different investor profiles and little money is required to start investing. However, they also have some disadvantages, such as money cannot be recovered over a long period of time and some types of pension plans give very little profitability.

Investment funds and ETFs

An investment fund is a Collective Investment Institution that aims to attract participants and raise a large capital to invest. What you do when investing in an investment fund is to leave your money in the hands of a manager who decides where to invest the money. There are two types of investment funds:

  1. Passive investment funds: they replicate a stock index, which means that the companies where the money is going to be invested are not chosen one by one.
  2. Active investment funds: all possible investments in companies are analyzed actively.

On the contrary, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are similar investments to mutual funds but they work like stocks, which means that they can be bought and sold in real-time, among other things.


Investing in cryptocurrencies is a good option for 2020. Good because they offer profitability and because investing in them is quite simple. Currently, the most recommended cryptocurrencies for investments are the following:

  • Bitcoin.
  • Ethereum.
  • Ripple.
  • Litecoin.
  • Bitcoin Cash.

To invest in any of the cryptocurrencies that we have cited it is necessary that you know well the different investment techniques (conventional investment, trading …)


Crowdlending is a very innovative way to invest your capital. It consists of collective financing, that is, many people finance companies or individuals. This investment system is interesting and has the following advantages: you can choose the risk you want to face; profitability is known beforehand and it is not linked to the stock market. There are different types and crowdlending where you can invest the savings. These are crowdlending for companies, between individuals, for projects and real estate.

Theft advisors

Theft advisors are investment managers that work in an automated way and invest the money of an investor adapting to their profile. These managers perform a test to savers to find out what their profile is as an investor and thus offer them a personalized and made portfolio made with algorithms and financial analysts. Commissions are usually very low and profitability quite high compared to other types of investments.


These investments consist of the purchase and sale of currencies. Some of the most recommended currencies to invest are the dollar, the euro, the pound sterling, and the Chinese yuan. Forex is a great investment because it offers a good return, however, it requires knowledge of some investment techniques such as trading.

If you want to know the best companies where to invest in 2020 and what to invest money in 2020 safely, without knowledge about the market, put yourself in the hands of professionals or investment fund managers to secure your savings or keep informing you to make all the investments you want on your own.