All you need to know
about franchises

Franchises are now one of the most successful forms of business with regard to entrepreneurship. This is because opening a business that is already known to people and with examples of success everywhere is a guarantee of success. 

Entrepreneurship is booming again, which is why more and more entrepreneurs are thinking about franchises to make money, be their own boss and achieve a higher quality of life. 

If you are one of those people but still are not sure about what a franchise is and why you should set up one, read the following information.

What is a franchise?

A franchise is a business relationship involving more than one party. One of these parties is the franchisor, the one responsible for creating the brand and consolidating it in the market. 

The other is the franchisee, the person who is going to set up their business using the franchisor’s brand.

The franchisee must pay the franchisor an inexpensive amount to receive the right to use their brand. This is called the entry fee.

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Setting up a franchise 

Franchises will continue to be the best way to invest for many entrepreneurial people who want to set up a profitable business that has previous signs of success. It doesn’t mean that setting up a franchise has a 100% chance of succeeding, but it’s more likely than setting up another business that is unknown to the public. 

Most profitable franchises nowadays

New technologies and businesses have led to a change in trends in the most profitable franchises. Laundry, beauty, hairdressing and gyms are growing stronger compared to the most common hospitality franchises in previous decades. 

Nowadays, laundry, beauty, hairdressing and gym franchises are the ones which are working the best. In addition, they are not usually as expensive as clothing, accessory or food franchises, so profitability is much higher. 

How to manage a franchise?

It’s not easy to manage a franchise but if you have a good franchisor, it will make things easier to manage from the beginning. 

When setting up a franchise, 100% freedom in terms of management doesn’t exist, as there will be a number of signed contracts to be respected. These guidelines should help you achieve success, as they are previously proven formulas that have worked. That’s why it’s so important to choose a good franchisor, because they will depend on the success of your business.

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